Available Dogs For Adoption

Click on the dog images for more information, including the adoption application form. 

We encourage potential adopters to give thought to the energy level, size, and personality that would best fit their family. Furgiven Animal Sanctuary has a variety of dogs and we do our best to ensure that the dog and family are a perfect match!

We require a completed adoption application that includes veterinary reference(s) that have valid information to establish a history of responsible pet ownership. Our mission to find “furever” homes is not just based on “good faith.” We want to make sure that the dog’s new owners take as good care of them as we have. 

In addition, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum 21 years old
  • Open to home visit/inspection
  • Fenced-in backyard
  • Valid government photo ID

"We're excited that you're interested in providing a home to a rescue dog!"

Happy Adoption Tails

Percy and Gordon adopted
Gordo and Percy

On May 1st, Gordon and Percy, two of our beloved dogs, were adopted by two friends who live in Illinois. Soon, they’ll make the journey to Illinois, where they will be able to continue their close friendship and shared playtimes! Thank you so much to their new owners for opening their hearts and homes to such deserving and loving dogs. Percy and Gordon, we wish you health and happiness! You will be missed here at Furgiven Animal Sanctuary!

Pig with newly adopted parents, Kimmy and Fireman Mike

Pig went home today! Yes, he has been visited multiple times by Mike and Kimmy and had an awesome home visit this week. Today, they did their last visit here at Furgiven and Pig left with them. He is going home to two brothers, Frank and Rigatoni, the perfect pair for Pig to make a trio.

Pig was rescued from a fire by the Memphis Fire Department over a year ago. The universe did its universe thing and his new dad is a Memphis firefighter who fell in love with Pig immediately! Not to understate his new mom, she is one of the kindest souls we’ve met and makes Pig feel safe.

We wanted to share his success story and just let you all know how amazing it has been to care for him the past few weeks. He has helped us more than we’ve helped him, I truly believe that. He helped our pack of dogs, especially the timid ones. He helped us see we can make a big difference for a dog that was in a shelter for too long. And he brought infinite smiles and laughter. So thank you Pig, and have a good life buddy. You deserve it!

Chip with his new loving parent

Just in time for Christmas! Chip was adopted on December 23, 2023! This boy has brought tons of happiness, smiles, and laughs to Furgiven over the last few months. We were lucky to get to watch him learn and love. Now he moves on to his furever home and we find ourselves smiling again.

"Yes, today's the day!"
A perfect match!